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Saturday 3/4/04
6.6/17.1 24.3/-38

We slept fine, the bridge noise stopped as hoped but started up again at
sunrise. We were however well awake having got a distraught phone call from our
daughter, Sarah, who believed she had been slipped a spiked drink and had got
quite ill and disoriented. Fortunately she had immediately run for a taxi and
gotten home safely but very upset. Hopefully a lesson learned about being out
late at night with strangers!

Just before we headed off I had a wander under the bridge and was quite taken
back when I noticed that twelve large nuts had been removed from the trestle
bolts on a mid span. I went up and told the people who owned a shop opposite
the park and he came down for gander. Liked a chat too, for about half an hour.

Got cleaned up and headed for Tooradin to see motorhoming friends Woody & Julie.

Sunday 4/4/04
4.4/16.6 26.9/-2.6

This is a rare day, the fourth of the fourth of the fourth.
A quick note on the power figures above which I record as soon as I get up. The
first (4.4/16.6) is fridge temp & room temp. We have had a lot of fluctuation
with the fridge temp which always turned out to be caused by the dial getting
bumped down by bouncing fridge contents. We used to have the same problem with
the Engel until I took the knob off. Another poor design example. I shall have
to make a cover for the dial so bouncing butter doesn't make my beer warm. The
other figures (26.9/-2.6) are the battery voltage and level of discharge in amp
hours. This morning they are way off normal range as we are connected to power
and the trickle charger is on.

We had a nice day with Woody Julie. Julie gave Margaret a crash course in local
shopping while Woody and I messed around in his workshop chewing the fat and
realigning his slide saw and table. They cooked up a bbq lunch with some great
steaks and we got these great local pizzas for dinner. $5.90 for a well filled
large supreme style. Expect to pay nearly three times that in Sydney.

A little computing. Woody asked why I didn't use notepad for the diary as plain
text files use less space than word docs. Do they what. I just did a 'save as
plain text' on a 29Kb word doc and it came down to 7Kb. I lose a font &
smilies, no problem. So from now on I intend to write in Word for spell check &
tools, save as text only, FTP to the Optus web space and email the link or just
a message that there is a new one in the folder. That'll make my upload and
your download heaps faster.


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